experience a bigger and better version of the original Duck Goose!

your friend goose has gone missing! explore your town for tips on where she might be. along the way, meet a diverse cast of animal friends and perform side-quests to unlock easter eggs.  

what's new in Re-Duck:

  • 2 new quests 
  • 3 new areas
  • many new friends :)
  • updated returning characters
  • cultists
  • transparent sprites
  • directional avatar
  • multiple endings
  • updated and upgraded tile-art
  • cultists
  • dialog updates and optimization 
  • a  variety of internal improvements
  • and last but not least, RATTHEW

basically, every single aspect of the game has been updated in one way or another. 

use arrow keys to control your character, and swipe to control on mobile. while the game is possible to play on mobile, it is not recommended. if you need extra help, a strategy guide is provided in the downloads below, as well as a downloadable version of the soundtrack. 

i'd like to thank everyone who played the original duck goose! while pretty short and basic, it was the first game i've ever created, and it received an overwhelming amount of love. i would not have updated and expanded upon the game if it weren't for the massive amount of support Duck Goose received. thank you <3

i hope you enjoy Duck Goose: Re-Duck

Release date Aug 29, 2019
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Authorexhausted boi studios
Made withBitsy
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Bitsy, Cute, duck, Funny, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer


quest.mp3 10 MB
strategyguide.html 21 kB


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I love your games, they're so cute. It's so cool to see someone my age who is so talented :D


thank you so much :))))) <333333

I love it so much but still haven't been able to complete it. I got my friend to play it in class and she made it to Ratthew and helped the "???" but couldn't get any further either. We stan Carlo

(But seriously help I NEED TO WIN)

hi! there’s a strategy guide attached to this itch.io page that details the steps to complete the main quest and the side quests :)

finally got to play this and its sooo good ahhh thank you for putting so much work and effort into this game, it was definitely worth it <3 especially the eastereggs. when you told us to stan loona... we all felt that.


tysm <333 glad u loved it stream butterfly 

I loveee this game. The graphics are soo cute and the characters are funny. idk if there’s a robe but if yes then im disappointed in myself for not finding it :/ but still love the game tho and i hope u make more games in the future uwu

tysm! glad you loved it <3 check the strategy guide for the robe hehe

Wow! This game is really cool. I found exhausted.boi on Instagram a year or two ago and I think it’s so cool that he made a game, while running his niche meme account, and being a teenage high school student. Awesome job!1!1! Vv creative

tysm!! i’m just a multitasking king I guess 

i was going to leave a jokey comment about ratthew but,,, i genuinely enjoyed the game it was so cool!! im absolutely in loveee with the style of the game it was so calmingg! the dialogue made me laugh out loud,, and the music was so good! keep up the amazing work!! i look forward to hopefully seeing some more of your games in the future!! uwu <333

Tysm, I’m glad you loved it <3333

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An exhilarating experience and the only thing keeping you stable is the lovely enticing background music!!!♡

I’m so glad you liked it! And yes, I completely agree with the background music thing