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This game is  really lovely! but is there an ending or am I being stupid? After I had collected the items for the pups and brought the flowers to the grave I spent about five mins wandering around to see if anything had changed. I noticed the flowers by the worms house and the ones by the waterfall, but after that it didn't seem like there was anything else I could do.....if that's the ending then thats ok, I love the game either way, I just don't wanna miss out if there's more content to enjoy!

feel terrible for responding so so so late, but the ending comes (spoiler warning) once you give the pups their gifts. It should automatically activate when the third gift is received (regardless of the flowers side-quest, that's just for an easter egg in the end lol). I recommend checking out the strategy guide if you're still having trouble. Thanks for the love :)


It was.  Short and sweet: my favorite kind of games.  Thanks, exhausted boi.


<333 tysm

You're very welcome.


This game looks like it's right up my alley.  I love a solid and short retro game.  I'll play it.

this was really sweet and warm. the music was very sweet, and your use of colors and tiling is really incredible. i fell in love with this!!! thank you for making something so lovely.
really appreciated the stardew valley reference btw!

thank you so much!!! sorry for the late response, but i'm beyond glad that you loved it so much <3

i am so in love with this game, from the music, the graphics, and the story, it draws me in so much. i wants to fall asleep in this little world !!

sorry for the super late response, but thank you so much <3 you're too kind <33

This was very sweet, gentle, 

thanks for making and sharing this!

i'm glad you enjoyed <3

i can't hear the music:( i'm on a mac and my sound is turned all the way up. any ideas on how to get it to work?

hm... the audio works on my mac so idk what’s up. email me at and I’ll send you the game as a downloadable file.  <3

While this wasn't exactly the most complex or dramatic, with not much more than a few goals and bits of a storyline to follow through by what I can see, I thought this was pretty nice to play. The art and music are incredibly simple yet incredibly honest and straightforward in what they represent.

So, put simply, I enjoyed it. I'd love to play more of this kind of stuff to relax with.

Thank you so much!! I’m glad you found it relaxing :)

I'm not sure if my computer just sucks but this game wouldn't load at all?? I would love to play it though since it seems awfully cute!

I’m not having any issues on my end currently (on mobile). I’ll check it out once I’m near my computer later. However, if you’re dying to play, mobile should work :) 

a very cute game, the ending made me sad. the art is inspiring to me for some reason, makes me wanna make a bitsy game too!

You totally should!! 

This was literally the cutest game ever it was so fun and all the graphics were so cute !!!

Thank you!!! I’m happy that you enjoyed :)

This was a very sweet story! ✨

Also I was weirdly very drawn to the way you did the art for the cobblestone path. I kept thinking like..."Wow, that's a really good path!!"


Thanks!! The path tiles are actually some of the first I made for the whole game, out of probably around 200 lol

for some reason the music didn't play for me ): but that was a nice experience. and your art is incredible good. simple but beautiful.

Glad you enjoyed!!! The music sometimes doesn’t work when playing on phones, so that may be the reason. If you want to listen to the music without playing through again, the soundtrack is available for download desperately  :)

Strangely beautiful. I love it.

thank you!! glad you enjoye

This was hauntingly beautiful...thank you for making it. 

"hauntingly beautiful," i love that. thanks!!